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Assurance Services

RAHIB offers a complete and comprehensive range of testing services. RAHIB's approach to software testing is based on best testing practices deployed in the product development life cycle.

Partnering with RAHIB ensures you to
Increase efficiency in production and implementation
Significantly minimize defects
Dramatically improve software quality and
Radically decrease costs across the entire project life cycle

Our areas of Expertise includes
Requirements Capture and Analysis
Test Planning
Test case Design & Traceability Matrix
Test Execution
Defect Tracking and Management
Test Metrics
Test Stability Analysis coverage

A complete test service catalog for all your SDLC needs
We have the experience and expertise in the following types of testing and offer 100% test guarantee.

Functionality Testing

RAHIB’s functional testing service aims to find how well the system executes the functions it is supposed to execute-including user commands, data manipulation, searches and business processes, user screens, and integrations. Our testing procedure covers the obvious surface type of functions, as well as the back-end operations.
Our experts test the individual components and processes before testing the entire system. We use industry standard defect tracking tools to track defects in the system and deliver detailed test metrics at the end of each test cycle.
Based on the product functionality testing cycle we conduct Regression testing which ensures the proper behavior of an application after fixes or modifications are made to the system or its environment.
Our testing experts fix Optimal time to schedule regression tests.
How much regression testing is required?
Functions that require more rigorous testing based on changes applied.

With specific expertise and proven techniques to achieve efficiencies in regression testing, our experts can put their experience to work for you to ensure that your software defects are fixed for each new release.

Product Testing

Product testing is more complicated, labor-intensive, and time-consuming than ever before. Businesses are demanding greater openness, transparency, and scalability from their software Investments and looking for versatile solutions that enable them connect to users and resources worldwide while leveraging their existing investments.

RAHIB’s Product Testing and QA Services relieve customers of these demands by offering a tailored software product-testing package, allowing developers to concentrate on the more productive processes in their software lifecycle 

We understand software product testing, as an integral part of product development that plays a vital role in delivering quality products within deadlines in a scalable, extensive and integrated environment. Our software product testing and QA engineers utilize leading edge test methodologies and techniques to develop high coverage test practices.

RAHIB’S Product Testing Methodologies

RAHIB’S Capabilities
RAHIB have extensive experience and sophisticated tools for performing comprehensive product testing. Some of the testing services we provide are
Validation Testing
Black box Testing
Functionality Testing
Regression Testing
Performance Testing
Usability Testing
Test Automation
Test Plan Documentation

Benefits of Product Testing

Provides an off-the-shelf service, ensuring optimum usage of budget and ease-of-utilization.
Enables a faster time-to-market.
Cuts down on test-run time and saves costs
Validate product life and durability.
Ensures the best product quality and free from defects
Usability Testing
Test Automation
Test Plan Documentation

User Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing is a critical phase of any 'systems' project and requires significant participation by the 'End Users'. To be of real use, an Acceptance Test Plan should be developed in order to plan precisely, covering end-to-end business scenarios, the means by which 'Acceptance' will be achieved. RST’s approach is from the business user perspective to ensure the system satisfies their requirements. RST’s User Acceptance Testing Center of Excellence (UATCOE) service help software vendors and business software users assure, that their software is “functionally fit for Use” and working as expected.

RST domain knowledge has led us to work with client’s right from the Requirement Definition stage and to effectively participate and manage the user acceptance testing process 


Advantages to Business:

Track Record of Handling several projects from different domains
Rich experience in Domain Knowledge
To reduce the Risk and improve Customer Satisfaction
Well expertise in Coordination with Application Development Team & Change Management to understand functionality being delivered to testing for each release
Track progress of testing on a daily basis and provide statistics to Business.

Ensure deliverables are completed as per agreed schedules

Regression Testing

  • Gap analysis to identify risk areas in current regression set
  • Optimal regression pack definition based on risk based testing approach
  • Strategy and creation of comprehensive regression pack along multiple lines inclusive of
    • Smoke Testing pack: Determine build acceptance (Accessible & Responsive)
    • Modular Regression pack: Allows for successive enhancement of regression pack instead of one-time creation
    • Automated regression packs based on cost-benefit analysis
  • Data Strategy for effective regression testing
  • Regression pack enhancement based on successive releases/enhancements
  • Comprehensive metrics set for easy result analysis from regression test

Test Automation

In today’s business environment rapidly changing requirements challenges the testing process. RAHIB recognized the area that our client wants their product to be automated. We make effort creating complete test automation strategy and its execution. we develop test automation using HP tool and RAHIB's tool SATT.