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Enterprise Application Testing

Understanding the critical nature of collaboration, today's successful companies have expanded their sphere of influence and relationships to encompass all constituents: suppliers, customers and investors. A key enabler for establishing and fostering collaboration is technology, for which the primary applications are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. As a result Enterprise software applications are increasingly getting more complex and distributed, hence software testing has become more complex and specialized.

RST areas of Expertise in ERP:
  • Outsourced application testing can reduce costs while freeing your team to focus on core competencies
  • Testing helps ensure full functionality, high performance, and security of applications,
  • The domain expertise and varied industry experience of RST combine to bring you leading-edge, best practices-based services and shorter, more rapid testing cycles
  • Our domain expertise means we do the job quicker and better
  • Increase the ROI
Embedded Systems Testing

Structured and measurement-based procedures are essential for Efficient and effective embedded software Quality Assurance. RAHIB provides a range of services for accurate, non-intrusive measurement of real-time software performance.

RAHIBs software metrics, static analysis, coding conformance, test-case generator, performance analysis, software test, regression testing, code coverage and report generation procedures deliver accurate, thorough and repeatable measurement systems for optimization, test and Verification & Validation on safety-critical, performance-critical and security-critical embedded applications.

Our quality assurance methodology improves embedded development productivity by automating the process of test-case creation, measurement and recording, and assist in conforming to quality standards in a defined software development process.

RAHIB's Embedded Software Quality Assurance provides
  • Static Analysis
  • Coding standards conformance checking.
  • Dynamic Analysis.
  • Single, reconfigurable hardware instrument for Debugging and Testing.
  • Automotive Power train development platform.
  • Real-time, non-intrusive measurement of Embedded System-under-Test.
  • Test Coverage Measurement.
  • Automatic Test Harness Generator.
  • Regression Testing.
  • V&V Documentation.
Telecom Software Testing

For telecom service providers, the need for business transformation due to convergence has never been greater than before. It is now necessary to have both dynamic and controlled business processes to retain current customers, and acquire new customers .The Telecom industry is looking for new innovative ways in delivering customer service.

RAHIB offers one-stop telecommunication compliance testing for ISVs, service providers and mobile operators. RAHIB's Network Testing Lab can fulfill your functional validation and protocol testing needs -- Cable Modem DOCSIS Testing, xDSL Testing, Datacom Fax and Modem Testing, WAN Testing, Router and Switch Testing, LAN Testing, VOIP Testing, VPN and Firewall Testing, telecom Software Testing and benchmark Testing.

RST's Spectrum of testing services:

Handset / Application Testing:

  • Basic radio, signaling, protocols, field testing for IOT, handover and roaming
  • Functional and usage testing for core mobile handset applications like SMS, call hold / transfer etc.
  • Testing of various applications like sports, finance, and location based services etc. OSS-BSS Testing:

OSS-BSS Testing:

  • Mediation, provisioning, network management, element management
  • EAI, data warehousing, CRM & ERP
  • Billing, customer case, interconnect billing, revenue assurance, order management and fraud management

RST's Technology Portfolio:

  • Access products covering Broadband Access products systems and traditional narrowband.
  • Enterprise switches focusing on services and core IP routers
  • Wireless Products related to GSM, GPRS, UMTS and CDMA & WLAN technologies
  • Network Management & Element Management Systems
  • Convergence & Collaborative Products devices, Media Gateways, Soft Switches, Signaling gateways, IN Systems
  • Transport products
  • Wireless Internet applications - Mobile portals, Voice portals, Location based services, SMS based applications
  • Billing & mediation systems
  • Security products firewalls, NAT, IDS, Access Gateways, etc

Key features of Telecom Testing:

  • Integrated approach for functional and interface testing
  • Readymade grid for Traceability Matrix
  • Organize test execution efficiently
  • Manage test services in a multi vendor and multi-technology environments
  • Convergence & Collaborative Products devices, Media Gateways, Soft Switches, Signaling gateways, IN Systems
  • Improve customer retention with initiatives such as product bundling, multi-channel customer experience management, converged billing, customer portals and mobility solutions.


  • Validate business process rather than restricted product functionality
  • Time reduction in test execution
  • Exhaustive testing at functional level and across interfaces
  • Simple yet sophisticated framework and methodologies exclusively made for OSS/BSS domain