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Introduction SATT

The SATT (System Automation Testing Tool) framework is developed to automate the testing process of the web application. It is the testing framework which can be used to perform the complete testing of any web application.

SATT is keyword driven interface provides a common platform to everyone and enables one to author test cases without any requirement for prior programming knowledge. With more than 400 keywords available that covers almost all actions to be done on objects of application under test. Along with there are keywords to handle database, xml operations, string, file handling date time. It provides a perfect combination where an open source automation tool like Selenium can work with an enterprise grade automation framework without much knowledge of coding required.

Two different editions of SATT are available

  • SATT Personal Edition – Can be used to automate web applications by individual user.
  • SATT Team Edition– Can be used to automate web applications by a team


  • Multiple Plug-in Support: We can customise the product to make it compatible with various plug-in which are required by AUT
  • Script free Keyword Driven Testing: No coding or scripting knowledge required to use the tool.
  • Multiple Browser Support: Supports multiple browsers. Currently it is supporting Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Integration with Bug Management Tool: We can customise the product to make it compatible with any bug management tool
  • Integration with Continuous Build Environment.
  • Easy to use next generation keyword driven framework - 400+ pre built keywords and more can be added as per requirement.
  • Capture Screen Shot on failure of test step.
  • In built Object management - Manage your objects the smarter way with central Object Repository.
  • Intuitive result & reporting: Most of the open source tools require integrations with different libraries to show case results for sharing with management to facilitate their decision process. This is a time consuming activity, but a necessary activity. SATT provides in built advance reports. We can even customize the reports as per need.